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Hawaii’s food independence, public health, and biodiversity are increasingly threatened by the chemical industry’s experimentation with pesticide-promoting genetically engineered (GE) crops throughout the Islands. HCFS is working to curb these threats by raising public awareness about this urgent issue. As part of this effort, HCFS has published the groundbreaking, in-depth  report Pesticides in Paradise.

The report includes the first-ever detailed review of the status of GE crop field trials and propagation on the Islands, including information on how agrochemical companies moved into Hawaii’s agriculture sector, current data on how many acres are used for field testing of GE crops, and which pesticides are being used on these crops.

The report considers over 150 published scientific and medical peer-reviewed studies about the impacts of pesticide exposure on human health and the environment. The findings are clear: heavy pesticide use by GE operations in Hawaii endanger the health of people and degrade the environment and natural resources.


Read more about the CFS legal team’s efforts to defend local ordinances regulating GE crops and pesticides in Hawaii.

Click here to visit the full Pesticides in Paradise report page.

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