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“If you want to protect your seed, if you want to protect your food, join the movement of the Center for Food Safety”
— Vandana Shiva
Internationally renowned Indian environmental activist, founder of Navdanya, and prolific author.

Speaking Engagements

Speaker, Techno Utopianism & The Fate of The Earth Teach-In, October 25 & 26, International Forum on Globalization

Speaker, Praxis Peace Institute, Economics of Sustainability Conference, October 2014  

Keynote Speaker, Oregon Biosafety Alliance, September 2014

Keynote Speaker, National Heirloom Exposition, June 6, 2014. Santa Rosa, CA.

Panelist, Climate One: GMOs: Necessary in a Hot and Crowded World, June 2014

Notable Speaker, Spring of Sustainability 2014, Turning Crises into Creative Solutions

Speaker: Is Your Food Safe? Food Revolution Summit, April 2014

Webinar Speaker, The Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, Yale Sustainable Food Project & Vermont Law School Webinar, February 2014,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01year=2014&cntnt01month=&cntnt01event_id=155&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01lang=en_GB&cntnt01returnid=289
Webinar available here:

Keynote Speaker on GMO Issues, University of Hawaii, January 2013

Keynote Speaker, National Heirloom Exposition. September 10-12, 2013. Santa Rosa, CA.

Featured Speaker, Kickapoo County Fair, hosted by Organic Valley, July 28, 2012 in La Farge, WI.

Moderator, Berkeley Conference: Unmasking the Bay Area Biolab and Synthetic Biology, hosted by Synbio Watch, March 29, 2012 in Berkeley, CA
Part One:
Part Two:

Keynote Speaker, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Conference (OEFFA), February 18-19, 2012 in Granville, OH – Talk entitled “The Future of Food” 

Speaker, Right to Know March, October 11-16, 2011

Expert Speaker, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), February 3rd, 2011 in State College, PA – “The Promises & Perils of GMO’s”

Presentation for The Knight Program for Science and Environmental Journalism, introduced by Michael Pollan, “Biotech & Nanotech - Remaking Nature in the Image of Technology” on September 7, 2010

Visionary Speaker Series, Natural Resources Defense Council, April 2010

Speaker, Economics of Peace Conference in Sonoma, CA 2009
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Book talk, Authors@Google series, for "Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food." This event took place on July 22, 2008, Google's Mountain View, CA headquarters.

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